Kotak Saral Suraksha
Kotak Saral Suraksha


Saral Suraksha Details

1 Details
1.1 Insurance Provider
Kotak Life Insurance
1.2 Claim Settlement Ratio
1.2.1 Settlement Ratio (2015-16)
Rank: 10 (Overall)
1.2.2 Settlement Ratio
LIC Bhagya Laks..
Rank: 7 (Overall)
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1.2.3 Settlement Ratio (2013-14)
LIC New Jeevan ..
90.69 %
Rank: 8 (Overall)
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1.3 Type
Whole Life Insurance Plan
1.4 Status
1.5 Online
29% Whole Life Insurance Plans Life insurance plans have it !
1.6 Eligibility
1.6.1 Min Entry Age
AEGON Religare ..
18 years
Rank: 17 (Overall)
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1.6.2 Max Entry Age
ICICI Pru Immed..
55 years
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23 years
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65 years
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1.7 Policy Term
1.7.1 Min Term
Edelweiss Tokio..
5 years
Rank: 3 (Overall)
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1.7.2 Max Term
TATA AIA Fortun..
10 years
Rank: 33 (Overall)
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1.8 Returns
1.8.1 Min Sum Assured
Aviva Life Shie..
₹ 5000
Rank: 3 (Overall)
ICICI Pru Immediate Annuity Plan Details
1.8.2 Min Sum Assured (Variable)
Not Applicable
1.8.3 Max Sum Assured
IDBI Federal Lo..
₹ 100000
Rank: 20 (Overall)
Kotak Gratuity Plus Group Plan Details
1.8.4 Max Sum Assured (Variable)
Not Applicable
1.9 Group Plan
No Whole Life Insurance Plans Life insurance plans has it !
1.9.1 Group Type
Not Applicable
1.9.2 NEE Size
Metlife Group T..
Not Available
Rank: N/A (Overall)
Reliance Traditional Group Employee Benefit Plan Details
1.9.3 EE Size
Metlife Complet..
Not Available
Rank: N/A (Overall)
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Details about Saral Suraksha

Details about Saral Suraksha include its plan type, eligibility, returns. Kotak Life Insurance is an insurance company which provides different insurance plans under various categories such as Endowment Plans, ULIPs, Group Plans, Pension Plans etc. Claim settlement ratio for this insurance provider is 90.69 %. That is out of 100 claims received, they have paid money for those many number of claims. This policy is provided by the life insurance company under Whole Life Insurance Plan. Saral Suraksha details also include information about policy term and whether the plan can be bought in a group. Presently, this policy can be bought from the insurance company. This plan cannot be bought online.

Saral Suraksha Eligibility

Saral Suraksha eligibility talks about the min/max entry ages and vesting ages required for this plan. Vesting age is also known as maturity age. Vesting age usually begins after all the Kotak Saral Suraksha Premiums are paid and it is time to reap the benefits of the plan i.e. getting your invested money back along with added bonus. Minimum/maximum entry ages and vesting ages are calculated based on the last birthday of the life insured.

Entry Age and Vesting Age Restrictions

Following are the entry age and vesting age restrictions for Kotak Saral Suraksha-

  • Minimum Entry Age: 18 years.
  • Maximum Entry Age: 55 years.
  • Minimum Vesting Age: 23 years.
  • Maximum Vesting Age: 65 years.

Policy Term in Saral Suraksha

Policy Term in Saral Suraksha is a period of time during which the policy is valid. When policy term is completed, you get some fixed returns and extra benefits mentioned in your policy. Policy term details for this plan are given below.

  • Minimum Policy Term: 5 years.

  • Maximum Policy Term: 10 years

Saral Suraksha Returns

In a life insurance policy, sum assured comes under Kotak Saral Suraksha returns. Sum assured is the minimum amount of money that you get from the insurance company upon completion of the policy term. In event of your death, this money is paid to your family. For this policy, value for minimum sum assured is ₹ 5000. Maximum sum assured by this insurance plan is ₹ 100000.

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