Shriram Ujjwal Life SP
Shriram Ujjwal Life SP


Shriram Ujjwal Life SP Provisions

1 Provisions
1.1 Renewal
59% ULIPs Life insurance plans have it !
1.1.1 Renewal Period
Bajaj Allianz R..
Not Available
Rank: N/A (Overall)
HDFC Life Group Unit Linked Pension Plan Provisions
1.2 Riders
1.2.1 Accidental Death
37% ULIPs Life insurance plans have it !
1.2.2 ADBR Description
Not Available
1.2.3 Critical Illness
7% ULIPs Life insurance plans have it !
1.2.4 CI Description
Not Available
1.2.5 Term Rider
1% ULIPs Life insurance plans have it !
1.2.6 TR Description
Not Applicable
1.2.7 Permanent Disability
12% ULIPs Life insurance plans have it !
1.2.8 PD Description
Not Applicable

Shriram Ujjwal Life SP Renewal

Some Shriram Ujjwal Life SP provisions are made to facilitate extension of the policy term. Shriram Ujjwal Life SP renewal is an act of extending the validity of this insurance policy. Policy renewal is done at the end of the policy term in case you wish to extend it further. Renewal is especially beneficial in case of as they provide life cover only for a specific period of time. Policy renewal is not allowed for this insurance plan.

Shriram Ujjwal Life SP Riders

Riders are supplementary Shriram Ujjwal Life SP Benefits added to the base policy purchased by the life insured. All riders are included under Shriram Ujjwal Life SP provisions. Riders give you additional covers along with the main policy so that you can get extra benefits under single life insurance plan.

Riders provided by Shriram Life Insurance Company

Shriram Ujjwal Life SP riders provided by the insurance company include accidental death benefit rider, term rider, critical illness rider, etc. Accidental death benefit rider is a provision made in a life insurance policy to provide additional benefits in unfortunate event of death of the life insured due to some accident. The insurance company provides accidental death benefit rider for this policy.

Critical illness rider provides extra benefits for medical expenses in case the policy holder is diagnosed with some critical illness. Critical illness rider is available for this policy. A term rider acts in similar manner as a term insurance policy i.e. a monthly income will be provided to the nominee in event of death of the policy holder before end of the policy term. Term rider is not given for this insurance plan. The permanent disability rider can be very useful if the policy holder suffers permanent disability because of an accident. Permanent disability rider is not available for this insurance plan.

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